Bushra Room Heater 2000W (ACB-02)

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Bushra Room Heater 2000W (ACB-02)

The Bushra Room Heater 2000W (ACB-02) is a dependable heating option that provides 2000W of electricity for effective warmth and has two heat settings. Its modern white appearance meshes well with any interior décor. You can operate this product worry-free thanks to safety features like a thermal cutoff device, thermostat, carrying handle, cool-touch housing, and safety switch. Ensure optimal warmth with this multipurpose space heater.


·         Type: Room Heater

·         Power: 2 Heat Settings (2000W)

·         Color: White

·         Heat Settings: 2

·         Cool-Touch Housing: Yes

·         Carrying Handle: Yes

·         Thermostat: Yes

·         Safety Features:

·         Safety Switch: Safety Cut-Off

·         Thermal Cutoff Device: Yes


Bushra Room Heater 2000W (ACB-02) Price in Bangladesh

Are you trying to find the ideal room heater to stay warm in Bangladesh during the cold winters? With the Bushra Room Heater 2000W (ACB-02), your quest is over. In addition to providing an outstanding heating solution, we also provide this premium product at an amazing price.

Bushra Room Heater 2000W (ACB-02) Features

A strong 2000W heating element powers the Bushra Room Heater 2000W (ACB-02), rapidly warming any space. Its effective heating technology allows you to quickly experience a warm and inviting environment.

Modifiable Control of Temperature

Because of its adjustable temperature control, you can tailor the warmth of this room heater to your personal preferences. This heater can provide you with a cozy atmosphere or mild warmth, depending on your needs.

Priority Safety

Regarding the Bushra Room Heater 2000W (ACB-02), safety is of utmost importance. In order to avoid mishaps and provide piece of mind, the heater has an overheat protection mechanism that makes sure it turns off on its own when it becomes too hot.

Elegant and Sleek Design

The Bushra Room Heater 2000W (ACB-02) is a sleek, contemporary heater that enhances the beauty and warmth of your living area. Because of its small size, you may easily set it anyplace in your room.

Simplified Mobility

The portability of this room heater was considered during design. You may move it easily from room to room with its integrated handles, which guarantee that you will always be toasty in your house.

Economical Heating

With the energy-efficient Bushra Room Heater 2000W (ACB-02), you can maintain the comfort of your space while reducing your electricity costs. Make this decision to lessen your carbon footprint and help the environment.

Price in Bangladesh

We provide the Bushra Room Heater 2000W (ACB-02) at the best price in Bangladesh at smartdeal.com.bd. Without going over budget, you may get this amazing room heater delivered right to your home.

In Bangladesh, the Bushra Room Heater 2000W (ACB-02) is the perfect heating option for the cold winters. It is an essential addition to any home because of its cost-effectiveness, fashionable appearance, safety features, and effective heating performance. Don't pass up this chance to spend the entire winter comfortably warm. Go to smartdeal.com.bd to order yours right now!

What is the price of Bushra Room Heater 2000W (ACB-02) in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Bushra Room Heater 2000W (ACB-02) is ৳1,600 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the Bushra Room Heater 2000W (ACB-02) in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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