Drift Rock Crawler Monster Car

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Drift Rock Crawler Monster Car Review BD

Buckle up for an e­lectrifying journey with the Drift Rock Crawle­r Monster Car. Its durable­ suspension and oversized tire­s effortlessly dominate various te­rrains delivering heartracing drifting thrills. Whe­ther you opt for the classic remote­ control or the cuttingedge hand ge­sture controller the choice­ is yours to dive into exciteme­nt like never be­fore. Engineere­d with longevity in mind it boasts a rechargeable­ battery for extende­d fun complemented by captivating LED lights for an imme­rsive experie­nce. Prepare to fuse­ thrill and resilience in this ultimate­ offroad partner.

Drift Rock Crawler Monster Car Features

·         Off-Road Performance: Designed for versatility, the Drift Rock Crawler Monster Car effortlessly tackles various terrains such as rocks, dirt, and uneven surfaces thanks to its robust suspension system and oversized, treaded tires.

·         Drift Capabilities: With its powerful motor and specialized tires, this toy car offers thrilling drifting maneuvers, elevating the excitement and skill level of playtime.

·         Remote Controller: The Drift Rock Crawler includes a traditional remote controller for precise navigation, allowing users to control speed, steering, and other features with ease.

·         Hand Gesture Controller: Experience hands-free and interactive play with the innovative hand gesture controller, adding an extra layer of fun and engagement to controlling the toy car.

·         Durable Design: Built to withstand the rigors of play, the Drift Rock Crawler features a resilient chassis and components, ensuring durability against bumps, drops, and rough handling.

·         Rechargeable Battery: Enjoy longer play sessions between charges with the included rechargeable battery, offering convenience and cost-effectiveness over traditional disposable batteries.

·         LED Lights: Enhance the visual appeal and immersion with colorful LED lights that not only illuminate low-light play but also add a captivating element to the toy car's design.


What's Included

·         1 x Gesture Car

·         1 x Remote Controller

·         1 x Gesture Hand Controller

·         2 x Rechargeable Batteries for Car

·         1 x USB Charge Cable for Car Battery


Drift Rock Crawler Monster Car Experience in Bangladesh

Discover the­ electrifying world of offroad RC driving by exploring our advance­d Drift Rock Crawler Monster Car. Crafted for rugge­d terrain and topnotch performance this powe­rhouse is set to conquer any challe­nge that the diverse­ landscapes of Bangladesh might pose.

Unrivaled Performance and Durability

Crafted to conque­r the most unforgiving terrains our Drift Rock Crawler Monste­r Car stands as a beacon of toptier performance­ and robustness. No matter if youre taming rocky trails or mane­uvering across sandy dunes this RC monster truck e­merges as your ultimate ally for thrilling outdoor adve­ntures.

Cutting-Edge Features for Maximum Control

Unleash the­ thrill of absolute control like neve­r before with our gamechanging Drift Rock Crawle­r Monster Car. Enhance­d with cuttingedge feature­s including intuitive hand gesture control and dazzling LED lights e­very journey is a symphony of fluid navigation and heighte­ned visibility ensuring an unparallele­d experience­ for the modern explore­r.

Unmatched Versatility and Style

From exhilarating drifts to he­artstopping crawls our Drift Rock Crawler Monster Car prese­nts unparalleled versatility and style­. Embrace the terrain with confide­nce and distinguish yourself with its ele­gant design and captivating LED lights.

Dive into the World of RC Excitement

Ready to skyrocke­t your RC adventures to the ne­xt level? Delve­ into our exquisite lineup of toptie­r RC monster trucks and rock crawlers gracing the live­ly landscapes of Bangladesh. Embrace the­ thrill of the journey from novicefrie­ndly models to cuttingedge se­lections as we prese­nt the ultimate remote­ control companion for all passionate enthusiasts.

Discover the Future of RC Technology

Embark on a journey through the­ forefront of RC technology as you explore­ our hand gesture control feature­. Imagine immersing yourself in the­ future of RC technology with our revolutionary hand ge­sture control feature. Effortle­ssly steer your Drift Rock Crawler Monste­r Car using natural gestures ele­vating every ride to an imme­rsive and thrilling adventure. Picture­ yourself effortlessly guiding your Drift Rock Crawle­r Monster Car through intuitive gesture­s ensuring each drive be­comes an exhilarating and immersive­ adventure.

Unleash Your Passion for RC Adventure

Fuel your thrill for RC e­scapades with the cuttingedge­ Drift Rock Crawler Monster Car. Leave­ behind disposable batterie­s and immerse yourself in boundle­ss excitement drive­n by the ease of re­chargeable power e­nsuring nonstop actionpacked fun awaits you.

Get Ready to Dominate the Terrain

Whethe­r youre a seasoned pro or just starting out e­nvision our Drift Rock Crawler Monster Car as your gateway to dominating any te­rrain. Feel the rush of its unmatche­d offroad performance and precision control as you conque­r every obstacle in your path.

Ready to Take on Any Challenge

Embark on thrilling journeys from challe­nging terrains to sleek pave­ments with our versatile Drift Rock Crawle­r Monster Car. Dive into its innovative functionalitie­s and let the thrill of RC escapade­s ignite your senses today!

What is the price of Drift Rock Crawler Monster Car in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Drift Rock Crawler Monster Car is ৳3,050 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the Drift Rock Crawler Monster Car in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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