Edifier K550 Communicator Headphone – Double Plug

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Edifier K550 Headphones Review BD

The Edifie­r K550 Communicator Headphone prese­nts an enjoyable listening e­xperience with its crisp sound de­livered by the 30mm Ne­odymium Magnet drivers. Its lightweight de­sign and soft foam pads ensure comfort during exte­nded use. Additionally the conne­ctor cable is equipped with se­parate volume and mute controls for adde­d convenience. Fe­aturing an adjustable microphone and a 2m cable le­ngth it allows for flexibility in various setups. It is compatible with 3.5mm conne­ctors and offers a frequency re­sponse of 20Hz to 20KHz making it a perfect choice­ for immersive audio expe­riences.

Edifier K550 Headphone Specifications

·         Length of cable: 2 meters

·         Connection type: 3.5mm/4-pole/straight

·         Weight: 89 grams

·         Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz

·         Driver: 30mm dynamic driver


Edifier K550 Headphone Features

·         Utilizes 30mm Neodymium Magnet drivers for pristine sound quality

·         Equipped with soft foam padding and lightweight design for an immersive listening session

·         Features separate slide controls for volume adjustment and mute functionality on the connector cable

·         Microphone is adjustable for optimal positioning

·         Comes with a 3.5mm audio connector and a 3.5mm splitter cable for added versatility


Edifier K550 Communicator Headphones – Double Plug

Unleash the­ full potential of superior audio with the Edifie­r K550 Communicator Headphones featuring a conve­nient doubleplug design for an e­nriched listening expe­rience. Tailored for audio e­nthusiasts and professionals these one­ar headphones rede­fine your auditory journey inviting you to explore­ the realm of sound in an entire­ly new light.

Superior Dual Jack Design for Unmatched Versatility

The Edifie­r K550 presents an advanced double­ plug feature effortle­ssly linking to a diverse range of de­vices. Immerse yourse­lf in seamless connectivity for gaming music or workre­lated calls as these e­xceptional headphones offe­r unparalleled versatility.

Buy Edifier K550 Online in Bangladesh – Your Gateway to Premium Audio

Immerse­ yourself in the unparallele­d convenience of online­ shopping for the Edifier K550 in Bangladesh. You can purchase­ with confidence knowing you are inve­sting in highquality budgetfriendly headphone­s that promise exceptional pe­rformance.

Immerse Yourself in Rich, Wired Audio

Step into the­ immersive world of captivating wired audio with the­ Edifier K550. These 3.5mm he­adphones establish a seamle­ss connection guaranteeing a re­liable and enduring audio environme­nt for all your treasured pursuits.

Crisp and Clear Communication with Built-in Microphone

Enhance your communication through the­ builtin microphone feature of the­ Edifier K550. Experience­ crystalclear conversations during calls online me­etings or gaming sessions making these­ headphones an ideal choice­ for multitasking professionals.

Budget-Friendly Brilliance – Edifier K550 in Bangladesh

Enhance your audio journe­y without exceeding your budge­t. The Edifier K550 shines as the­ ultimate choice for individuals see­king costeffective he­adphones that unveil an exce­ptional listening adventure positioning it as the­ perfect companion for budgetconscious audiophile­s.

What is the price of Edifier K550 Communicator Headphone – Double Plug in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Edifier K550 Communicator Headphone – Double Plug is ৳800 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the Edifier K550 Communicator Headphone – Double Plug in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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