Edifier XM3-BT 2:1 Multimedia (BT/USB/FM/Remote) Speaker

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Edifier XM3-BT 2:1 Multimedia (BT/USB/FM/Remote) Speaker

Edifier XM3-BT is a versatile 2:1 multimedia speaker system equipped with Bluetooth, USB, and FM functionalities. Designed for top-notch audio experiences, it comes with a handy remote control for effortless operation. Ideal for home entertainment and music aficionados.



·         Model: Edifier XM3

·         Band: Edifier

·         Power Output: Left/Right Speakers: 12W + 12W

·         Subwoofer: 16W

·         Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Left/Right Speakers: 90dB(A)

·         Subwoofer: 85dB

·         Frequency Range: Left/Right Speakers: 50Hz - 20,000Hz

·         Subwoofer: 50Hz - 200Hz

·         Subwoofer: Power: 16W

·         Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 85dB

·         Frequency Response: 50Hz - 200Hz

·         Bass Unit: 5 1/4-inch (148mm)

·         Bluetooth: Yes

·         USB: Yes

·         Power Source: Power Adapter

·         Warranty: 1 year.


Key Features

·         2:1 Multimedia Setup: Enhance your audio experience with a 2.1 channel speaker system, comprising a powerful subwoofer and two satellite speakers.

·         Bluetooth Connectivity: Easily connect your devices via Bluetooth [Specify Version] for wireless audio streaming, providing hassle-free entertainment.

·         USB Playback: Enjoy your favorite music directly from USB flash drives, giving you flexibility in playback options.

·         FM Radio: Tune in to your favorite FM stations with the built-in FM tuner, offering [Specify Frequency Range] coverage.

·         Remote Control: Control the speaker settings and playback conveniently with the included remote control.

·         Immersive Sound: The dedicated subwoofer delivers deep bass, while the satellite speakers produce clear highs and mids, creating a well-balanced audio experience.

·         Customizable Sound: Adjust bass, treble, and volume settings to suit your preferences using the on-device controls or remote.

·         Stylish Design: The sleek and modern design of the speakers adds a touch of elegance to your entertainment setup.

·         Versatile Connectivity: In addition to Bluetooth, the speaker offers USB and FM radio options, ensuring compatibility with a range of devices and audio sources.

·         Easy Setup: The speaker system is easy to set up, allowing you to start enjoying high-quality sound in minutes.



1.      Enhanced Audio: Experience rich and immersive audio with the balanced sound distribution of the 2.1 channel setup.

2.      Wireless Convenience: Bluetooth connectivity eliminates the need for wires, letting you connect and control the speakers from a distance.

3.      Diverse Playback Options: Play music from various sources – Bluetooth devices, USB drives, and FM radio – for versatile entertainment choices.

4.      User-Friendly: The included remote control and intuitive on-device controls make operation effortless and user-friendly.

5.      Room-Filling Sound: Enjoy powerful sound that fills the room, whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or playing games.

6.      Personalized Sound: Tailor the audio settings to your liking, ensuring the sound profile suits your individual preferences.

7.      Sleek Aesthetics: The speakers not only sound great but also add a touch of sophistication to your home décor.

8.      All-in-One Solution: With multiple connectivity options and a comprehensive feature set, the XM3-BT serves as an all-in-one audio solution.

9.      Easy Installation: The straightforward setup means you can enjoy high-quality sound without dealing with complicated installation procedures.

10.   Trusted Brand: Edifier's reputation for quality audio products ensures you're investing in a reliable and reputable brand.


Edifier XM3-BT 2.1 Speaker: Experience Audio Excellence

Discover a new level of audio immersion with the Edifier XM3-BT 2.1 Speaker. At smartdeal.com.bd, we present you with the opportunity to embrace exceptional sound quality at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

Unveiling Unmatched Sound

Immerse yourself in the world of rich, powerful audio. The Edifier XM3-BT 2.1 Speaker delivers a symphony of sound that resonates with every beat. With crysta clear trebles and deep, resonating bass, this speaker system elevates your auditory senses to new heights.

Key Features

Cutting-Edge Technology
Experience the fusion of modern technology and innovative design. The Edifier XM3-BT 2.1 Speaker incorporates advanced audio engineering to provide you with an unparalleled listening experience. Immerse yourself in the depth of sound that transports you to the heart of every melody.
Wireless Connectivity
Say goodbye to tangled wires and welcome the convenience of wireless connectivity. With Bluetooth technology, you can seamlessly connect your devices to the speaker system. Stream your favorite playlists effortlessly and revel in the freedom of wireless audio.
Powerful Subwoofer
Feel the thump in every beat with the powerful subwoofer that accompanies the Edifier XM3-BT 2.1 Speaker.
Intuitive Controls
Take control of your audio journey with user-friendly controls. Adjust the volume, fine-tune the bass, and toggle between tracks with ease.

Elevate Your Space

The Edifier XM3-BT 2.1 Speaker is not just an audio device; it's a statement of style. With its sleek and modern design, this speaker system complements any environment be it your living room, bedroom, or workspace. Let the speaker's aesthetic elegance enhance your space.

Price in Bangladesh

At smartdeal.com.bd, we are delighted to offer you the Edifier XM3-BT 2.1 Speaker at a competitive price. Experience exceptional audio without breaking the bank. Elevate your sound game today!

What is the price of Edifier XM3-BT 2:1 Multimedia (BT/USB/FM/Remote) Speaker in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Edifier XM3-BT 2:1 Multimedia (BT/USB/FM/Remote) Speaker is ৳6,700 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the Edifier XM3-BT 2:1 Multimedia (BT/USB/FM/Remote) Speaker in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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