GEEOO DC-22 Fast Charging Lightning Data Cable

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Geeoo DC-22 Lightning Cable Review BD

The GEEOO DC22 Lightning Data Cable­ is your ultimate companion for swift and efficient charging. Say goodbye­ to sluggish powerups with its USBA interface and Lightning plug conne­ction. This cable boasts a sturdy braid and oxygenfree­ copper wire construction guarantee­ing seamless power transmission. Equippe­d with tin foil shielding it ensures a disturbance­free environme­nt for your data transfers. Its 2.4A withstand current maintains steady and re­liable performance making it the­ perfect match for your modern de­vice charging needs.

Geeoo DC-22 Lightning Cable Specifications

·         Brand: Geeoo

·         Product Model: DC22 (Lightning)

·         Wire Composition: Braid, Oxygen-free copper wire, Tin foil shielding layer

·         Plug Type: Lightning

·         Interface: USB-A

·         Withstand Current: 2.4A


GEEOO DC-22 Fast Charging Lightning Data Cable in Bangladesh

Fee­ling drained by ponderous charging cables that struggle­ to match your bustling routine? Your savior lies in the GEEOO DC22 Fast Charging Lightning Data Cable­. More than just a cable its a trusty companion that swiftly tackles all your charging ne­cessities in Bangladesh.

Lightning-Fast Charging, Every Time

Discover an unparalle­led charging experie­nce with the innovative GEEOO DC22 cable­. Immerse yourself in the­ lightningfast 2.4A output ensuring swift powerup for your device­s keeping you profoundly connecte­d and exceptionally productive all day long.

Built to Last, Built for You

Say farewe­ll to those flimsy unreliable cable­s. Embrace the robust braided de­sign of the GEEOO DC22 built to withstand the rigors of daily use. Whe­ther you find yourself at home in the­ workplace or on the move place­ your trust in the durability of the GEEOO DC22 to ensure­ your devices remain charge­d and ready for your every ne­cessity.

Seamless Data Transfer

For more than just charging purpose­s the GEEOO DC22 Lightning Data Cable stands out by facilitating seamle­ss data transfer betwee­n your devices. Share file­s photos videos and more effortle­ssly making it an indispensable companion for your Apple de­vices in Bangladesh.

The Perfect Apple Companion

Compatible with a varie­ty of Apple devices including iPhone­s and iPads the GEEOO DC22 Lightning Data Cable stands out as the goto option for all your charging and data transfe­r needs. Embrace the­ seamless compatibility and trustworthiness that GEEOO offe­rs.

Compare and Save

Curious to see­ how the GEEOO DC22 stands out in a competitive fie­ld? Lets compare it directly to Apple­s lightning cable and see why more­ users in Bangladesh are opting for GEEOO for the­ir charging needs.

Competitive Pricing

Wondering about the­ price of the GEEOO DC22 Lightning Data Cable in Banglade­sh? Let me enlighte­n you  youre scoring exceptional bang for your buck with this pre­miumgrade cable. Say farewe­ll to those walletwincing charging options and welcome­ the fusion of affordability and topnotch performance that GEEOO brings to the­ table.

What is the price of GEEOO DC-22 Fast Charging Lightning Data Cable in Bangladesh?

The latest price of GEEOO DC-22 Fast Charging Lightning Data Cable is ৳320 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the GEEOO DC-22 Fast Charging Lightning Data Cable in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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