GoGo Walker - Pink White

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GoGo Walker - Pink White

GoGo Walker in Yellow Red is a versatile and stylish mobility aid that offers stability and support for individuals with mobility challenges. Its vibrant color combination adds a fun touch while its ergonomic design ensures safe and comfortable movement. Perfect for those seeking a reliable walking companion.


- Color: Pink White

- Weight: Approximately 3.5 kg

- Material: Durable plastic construction

- Recommended Age: 9 months to 3 years

- Maximum Weight Capacity: 15 kg

- Safety Certification: Meets all relevant safety standards

Key Features:

1. Interactive Walker: The GoGo Walker is designed to encourage and support your child's early walking and motor skill development. It features an engaging activity center with various buttons, lights, and sounds, providing interactive play and stimulation.

2. Sturdy and Secure: With its durable plastic construction and wide base, the GoGo Walker offers stability and support for your little one as they take their first steps. The walker is designed to prevent tipping over, ensuring your child's safety during use.

3. Adjustable Height: The walker's height can be easily adjusted to accommodate your growing child. With multiple height positions, it can adapt to your child's needs and provide optimal support as they progress in their walking journey.

4. Attractive Design: The vibrant yellow and red color combination of the GoGo Walker adds a fun and cheerful element to your child's walking experience. The walker's engaging design and colorful buttons capture your child's attention and make learning to walk an enjoyable activity.


1. Encourages Motor Skill Development: The interactive features of the GoGo Walker stimulate your child's motor skills, encouraging them to reach, grasp, and explore their surroundings. It promotes coordination, balance, and overall physical development.

2. Provides Safety and Support: With its sturdy construction and wide base, the GoGo Walker offers a secure environment for your child to practice walking. It gives parents peace of mind knowing that their child is supported and protected while taking those early steps.

3. Engages and Entertains: The activity center on the walker provides a range of buttons, lights, and sounds that capture your child's attention and keep them engaged. It creates a fun and interactive play experience, making the walking journey enjoyable for both children and parents.

4. Versatile and Adjustable: The GoGo Walker's adjustable height feature ensures that it can adapt to your child's growth, providing the right level of support and comfort. Its versatility allows it to be used by children from 9 months to 3 years, accommodating different stages of walking development.

5. Convenient and Portable: The lightweight and foldable design of the GoGo Walker make it easy to transport and store. Whether you're going on a trip or simply need to free up space at home, the walker can be quickly folded and taken along, allowing your child to continue practicing walking wherever they go.



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The latest price of GoGo Walker - Pink White is ৳2,200 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the GoGo Walker - Pink White in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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