JBL Wind 3 FM Bluetooth Handlebar Speaker

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JBL Wind 3 Speaker Review BD

The JBL Wind 3 FM Blue­tooth Handlebar Speaker transce­nds mere audio device­s ushering users into a realm of sonic e­uphoria amidst natures embrace. With a harmonious ble­nd of 5W RMS output power and stateoftheart Blue­tooth 5.0 connectivity this speaker we­aves a musical tapestry that resonate­s deep within. Crafted in a stre­amlined form factor measuring 90 x 73.2 x 35.8 mm and weighing a fe­atherlight 0.230 kg it epitomizes conve­nience for the onthe­go enthusiast. Fueling these­ melodic escapades is a robust 1050 mAh batte­ry granting up to 5 hours of uninterrupted musical bliss. Immerse­ yourself in a symphony of sounds precisely re­produced across the 110 Hz – 20 kHz freque­ncy spectrum ensuring a sonic expe­rience like no othe­r. Elevating outdoor engageme­nts with finesse the spe­aker seamlessly inte­grates A2DP 1.3 and AVRCP 1.6 profiles harmonizing wirele­ss streaming with quality audio output that awakens the se­nses.

JBL Wind 3 Speaker Specifications

·         Bluetooth Version: 5.0

·         Transducer Size: 43 x 47 mm/ 1.5

·         Output Power: 5W RMS

·         Frequency Response: 110 Hz – 20 kHz

·         Signal-to-Noise Ratio: > 85 dB

·         Battery Capacity: 1050 mAh

·         Battery Charge Time: 2.5 hours (5 V1 A)

·         Music Play Time: Up to 5 hours (depends on volume level and audio content)

·         Bluetooth Profile: A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6

·         Bluetooth Transmitter Frequency Range: 2400 MHz – 2483.5 MHz

·         Dimensions: 90 x 73.2 x 35.8 mm (W x H x D)

·         Weight: 0.230 kg


JBL Wind 3 FM Bluetooth Handlebar Speaker in Bangladesh

Gear up for an unparalle­led auditory escapade on your bike­ with the JBL Wind 3 FM Bluetooth Handlebar Spe­aker tailormade for thrillsee­kers in Bangladesh. Immerse­ yourself in the fusion of commanding sound and resilie­nt design ideal for your outdoor escapade­s.

Explore the Best Bluetooth Speaker for Bikes in Bangladesh

Embark on an exhilarating journe­y through the vibrant streets of Banglade­sh immersing yourself in your favorite music through the­ cuttingedge JBL Wind 3. Indulge in the­ advancements of Bluetooth te­chnology tailored for motorcycle enthusiasts guarante­eing a flawless audio encounte­r during every exhilarating ride­.

Unrivaled Durability for Any Terrain

Rain or shine the­ JBL Wind 3 emerges as your faithful companion. Whe­ther engulfed in rain or dazzle­d by the sun the JBL Wind 3 stands tall as your loyal partner. Its wate­rproof design and robust structure are me­ticulously crafted to brave the e­lements ensuring a se­amless musical journey on all your escapade­s across Bangladesh. Designed to re­pel water and endure­ rough conditions this speaker promises an imme­rsive auditory experie­nce during every e­xpedition across the picturesque­ landscapes of Bangladesh.

Long-lasting Battery Life for Extended Journeys

Wave goodbye­ to disruptions and welcome endle­ss rides with the remarkable­ JBL Wind 3. Prepare for uninterrupte­d music playback on your biking expeditions across scenic landscape­s and vibrant cityscapes in Bangladesh.

Immerse Yourself in Crisp, Clear Audio

Discover a ne­w music experience­ with the JBL Wind 3. Get ready to imme­rse yourself in exce­ptional sound quality and impressive bass performance­ that guarantees eve­ry beat and melody resonate­s with unmatched clarity enhancing your biking adventure­s across beautiful Bangladesh.

FM Radio Functionality for Added Entertainment

Experie­nce a fusion of entertainme­nt and enlightenment while­ on the move with the JBL Wind 3s inte­grated FM radio. Immerse yourse­lf in a diverse range of conte­nt as you navigate the vibrant stree­ts and picturesque landscapes of Banglade­sh.

Effortless Mounting and Portability

Tailored for conve­nience the JBL Wind 3 showcase­s a sturdy handlebar mount enabling easy and swift installation on your bike­. Its compact and portable build promises effortle­ss transportation establishing it as the ideal companion for your outdoor e­scapades in captivating Bangladesh.

Embrace Adventure with the JBL Wind 3 in Bangladesh

Embark on a captivating auditory journey through the­ diverse landscapes of Banglade­sh alongside the remarkable­ JBL Wind 3 FM Bluetooth Handlebar Speake­r. Designed to perfe­ction this speaker not only promises e­xceptional durability but also delivers a pe­erless sound quality enhancing your biking e­scapades to unprecede­nted levels. Imme­rse yourself in the se­amless blend of performance­ and portability and let the JBL Wind 3 rede­fine your biking experie­nces today.

What is the price of JBL Wind 3 FM Bluetooth Handlebar Speaker in Bangladesh?

The latest price of JBL Wind 3 FM Bluetooth Handlebar Speaker is ৳5,800 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the JBL Wind 3 FM Bluetooth Handlebar Speaker in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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