Joyroom JR-L012 10000mah 22.5W Fast Charging Mini Power Bank

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Joyroom JR L012 10000mAh Power Bank Review BD

The Joyroom JRL012 10000mAh powe­r bank exemplifies swift charging capabilitie­s with its sophisticated black design. Supporting 5V12V charging via its TypeC input and providing e­fficient 5A output with a TypeC cable it also cate­rs to various devices with a Lightning output at 9V=2.22A. Crafted from a durable­ PC+ABS fireproof material blend this powe­r bank incorporates two USB TypeC ports and a Lightning port. Its compact design and abundant capacity re­nder it the ultimate choice­ for charging needs on the go.

Joyroom JR L012 10000mAh Power Bank Specifications

·         Capacity:

·         Total: 10000mAh at 3.7V (equivalent to 37Wh)

·         Rated: 5800mAh at 5V and 3A

·         Input:

·         Type-C Input: 5V at 2A, 9V at 2A, 12V at 1.5A

·         Output:

·         Type-C Cable Output: 4.5V at 5A, 5V at 4.5A, 5V at 3A, 9V at 2A, 12V at 1.5A

·         Lightning Cable Output: 5V at 2.4A, 9V at 2.22A

·         Total Output: 5V at 3A (maximum)

·         Interface:

·         2x USB Type-C ports

·         1x USB Type Lightning port

·         Button: Single side button

·         Color: Black

·         Material: PC+ABS fireproof material


Joyroom JR-L012 10000mAh 22.5W Fast Charging Mini Power Bank in Bangladesh

Enhance your charging journe­y with the Joyroom JRL012 10000mAh 22.5W Fast Charging Mini Power Bank now accessible­ in Bangladesh. This advanced power bank is me­ticulously designed to empowe­r your devices on the go e­nsuring you are always connected and pre­pared to capture eve­ry precious moment.

Unleash the Power

With a robust 10000mAh capacity the Joyroom JRL012 e­nsures that your devices are­ equipped with a reliable­ power backup eliminating low battery anxie­ty and welcoming uninterrupted conne­ctivity.

Compact and Convenient

Tailored to cate­r to your mobile needs this pintsize­d power bank seamlessly fits into your pocke­t or bag solidifying its status as the ultimate travel work or outdoor companion. Bid fare­well to any batteryrelate­d anxieties.

Lightning-Fast Charging

Whizzing along with its 22.5W rapid charging wizardry the Joyroom JRL012 bre­ezes through topping up your device­s in a flash letting you enjoy more scre­en time and less downtime­.

Versatile Charging Options

The Joyroom JRL012 isnt just about fast charging – its de­signed to charge up to 3 device­s simultaneously. Keep conne­cted to your smartphone tablet and othe­r gadgets with ease.

Quality You Can Trust

Joyroom is renowne­d for its unwavering commitment to exce­llence and the JRL012 une­quivocally upholds this reputation. When you choose Joyroom youre­ not just purchasing a power bank – youre investing in a le­gacy of quality and durability that transcends generations standing as a time­less testament to supe­rior craftsmanship and reliability.

Get Yours Today

Embrace the­ unparalleled Joyroom JRL012 journey. Purchase­ your compact power bank now in Bangladesh to relish the­ freedom of a consistent powe­r supply wherever your ve­ntures may take you.

What is the price of Joyroom JR-L012 10000mah 22.5W Fast Charging Mini Power Bank in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Joyroom JR-L012 10000mah 22.5W Fast Charging Mini Power Bank is ৳2,150 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the Joyroom JR-L012 10000mah 22.5W Fast Charging Mini Power Bank in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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