K9i Wireless Microphone with iPhone Converter (1:2)

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K9i Wireless Microphone with iPhone Converter

The K9i Wireless Mic with iPhone Audio Converter provides high-quality audio made specifically for iPhone users. It provides clear and crisp sound and blocks out ambient noise, making it perfect for documenting interviews, online radio programs, and songs. Featuring a small and sleek design with a user-friendly interface, this wireless microphone is a necessary addition for iPhone enthusiasts wanting to upgrade their audio recording skills. This enables individuals to without cables capture clear and crisp sound for their video recordings, podcasts, interviews, and other multimedia. With simple and user-friendly functionality, this small and lightweight microphone is perfect for creators of digital content, reporters, video bloggers, and anyone in need of studio-level audio during your mobile activities. This offers excellent audio and is user-friendly for utilization. Improve your recordings and enhance your sound quality using the K9i Wireless Mic using iPhone Converter.


·         Model: K9i with iPhone Adapter

·         Frequency: 2.4GHz

·         Input Voltage: DC 4.8-5.4V

·         Charging Port: Type-C

·         Battery Capacity: 80mAh

·         Transmission Distance: 10m (barrier), 120m (barrier-free)

·         Microphone Size: 62 x 23 x 28mm

·         Microphone Weight: 7 grams

·         Receiver Size: 45 x 27 x 7mm

·         Receiver Weight: 4 grams

·         Style: Lavalier Microphone

·         Transducer: Crystal Microphone

·         Use: Home Studio

·         Certification: CE

·         Set Type: Transmitter Sets

·         Origin: Made in China (CN)

·         Polar Patterns: Uni-directional

·         Diaphragm: Small

·         Communication: Wireless

·         Package: Included



·         Plug and play, no need for an app:

The innovative Lavalier Microphone is different from others as it includes a transmitter and receiver that automatically connect. There is no need for an app or Bluetooth. Simply plug the transmitter into the device's USB-C port and start using it immediately.

·         Real-time crystal voice synchronization without delay:

Utilizing real-time auto-sync technology, this microphone reduces the need for video post-editing. It supports multi-channel real-time mixing, allowing you to synchronize background music and human voice in real-time.

·         Compatible with YouTube/Facebook Live Stream:

Unlike conventional Bluetooth microphones, this microphone can be used directly during YouTube or Facebook Live streams.

·         Superior performance you can rely on:

The wireless mic offers professional full band audio with a frequency range of 44.1~48kHz, providing stereo CD quality sound, which is more than six times the frequency of conventional mono microphones. The real-time auto-sync technology reduces the need for video post-editing, while the multi-channel real-time mixing allows for synchronized background music and human voice.

·         Mini-size portable and durable:

This wireless lavalier microphone is compact and portable. It can provide over six hours of continuous use after a full charge. With its clip-on design, you can easily attach it and use it outdoors without the hassle of cables.




K9i Wireless Microphone Price in Bangladesh

This wireless microphone Cordless Mic offers the best solution for those looking for superior sound for all your professional or personal requirements. With its advanced features and affordable price, this wireless microphone is a must-have accessory for performers, presenters, and audio enthusiasts in Bangladesh.</p>

Premium Sound Quality and Reliable Performance

Experience crystal-clear sound and exceptional performance with the K9i Wireless Microphone. Furnished with advanced technology, this mic promises reliable and interference-free signal transmission. This enables one to convey the communication with clearness and accuracy.

Wireless Convenience for Unrestricted Movement

Say goodbye to tangled cables and limited mobility. The K9i Wireless Microphone offers seamless wireless connectivity, enabling you to move freely and interact with your audience without any restrictions. If you're organizing a gathering, carrying out interviews, or showcasing your talent, this mic provides you the flexibility to move and confidently communicate your thoughts.

Easy to Set Up and Use

Setting up the K9i Wireless Microphone is a breeze. Just connect the device to your stereo or capture device, and you're prepared. Its user-friendly design ensures effortless operation, even for beginners. By simply some easy actions, you are able to initiate savoring the convenience and adaptability of wireless music.

Durable Construction for Long-Lasting Performance

The K9i Wireless Microphone is built to withstand the demands of regular use. Made with premium parts, this recording device provides durability and dependability. This guarantees that it's going to go with you for your audio trip for years ahead. Whether you're using it for professional applications or personal enjoyment, the K9i Wireless Microphone is designed to deliver exceptional performance.

Affordable Price with Incredible Value

At smartdeal.com.bd, we understand the importance of affordability without compromising on quality. The K9i Wireless Microphone is priced competitively, offering incredible value for your money. Delight in expert-level sound with for a fraction of the price. This is a perfect option for experts, teachers, and audio fans with limited funds.

Order Your K9i Wireless Microphone Today

Upgrade your audio setup with the K9i Wireless Microphone and enjoy the freedom, convenience, and exceptional sound quality it offers. Visit smartdeal.com.bd today and place your order to experience the future of wireless audio in Bangladesh.

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The latest price of K9i Wireless Microphone with iPhone Converter (1:2) is ৳1,150 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the K9i Wireless Microphone with iPhone Converter (1:2) in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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