Miyako PTC-602 Room Heater

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Miyako PTC-602 Room Heater

The Miyako PTC-602 Room Heater is a high-quality heating device designed to keep your space warm and comfortable during cold seasons. With its advanced PTC technology, it provides efficient and even heating while ensuring safety features like overheat protection. Experience cozy warmth and peace of mind with the Miyako PTC-602 Room Heater.


·        Model: Miyako PTC-602

·        Type: Electric Room Heater

·        Functionality: 4-in-1 (Fan, Warm, Hot Selection options)

·        Heating Elements: Safety PTC Ceramic Heating Elements

·        Oscillation: 70-degree oscillation function

·        Power Range: 50-1500W

·        Voltage Compatibility: 220V-240V

·        Frequency: 50/60Hz

·        Thermal Efficiency: High

·        Overheat Protection: Yes

·        Thermostat: Adjustable

·        Dimensions: (Not provided)

·        Weight: (Not provided)

·        Safety Features: Overheat protection

·        Design: Compact and Portable

·        Operation: Silent

·        Energy Efficiency: (Not provided)



·        4-in-1 functionality: This electric room heater offers four different modes: Fan, Warm, and Hot Selection options, providing versatile heating solutions for your comfort.

·        Overheat protection: The heater is equipped with an overheat protection feature, ensuring safety by automatically shutting off if it reaches a certain temperature.

·        High thermal efficiency: The Miyako PTC-602 Room Heater is designed to efficiently convert electrical energy into heat, resulting in effective and economical heating.

·        70-degree oscillation: The heater has a 70-degree oscillation function, enabling the warm air to circulate evenly throughout the room.

·        Safety PTC ceramic heating elements: The heating elements are made of PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic, which provides fast and efficient heating while ensuring safety and preventing overheating.

·        Adjustable thermostat: You can easily adjust the temperature according to your preference using the adjustable thermostat feature.

·        Power options: The heater has a power range of 50-1500W, allowing you to select the desired heating intensity based on your needs.

·        Voltage compatibility: It operates on a voltage range of 220V-240V, suitable for most residential power supplies, with a frequency of 50/60Hz.



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What is the price of Miyako PTC-602 Room Heater in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Miyako PTC-602 Room Heater is ৳3,450 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the Miyako PTC-602 Room Heater in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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