Mobil Special 20W-50 4L Engine Oil for Private Vehicles

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Mobil Special 20W-50 4L Engine Oil for Private Vehicles

Mobil Special 20W-50 4L Engine Oil is a premium choice for private vehicles, offering exceptional performance and protection. Formulated with advanced additives, Elevate your vehicle's performance and maintain its efficiency with Mobil Special 20W-50 4L Engine Oil, the trusted companion for every private vehicle owner.



·         Brand: Mobil

·         Volume: 4 Liters

·         Viscosity Grade: 20W-50

·         Application: Suitable for private vehicles

·         Base Oil: Conventional

·         API Standards: [Depending on the product details, usually API SL, SM, or SN for passenger cars]

·         Compatibility: Compatible with other conventional and synthetic oils

·         Shelf Life: [Typically, 3-5 years from manufacture date]


Key Features

·         Optimized Viscosity: 20W-50 viscosity ensures optimal protection across a range of temperatures.

·         Advanced Additive Technology: Helps combat sludge, deposits, and wear.

·         Anti-Oxidants: Prevents oil breakdown and thickening.

·         Temperature Stability: Ensures smooth operation even under high temperatures.

·         Wear Protection: Provides excellent protection against engine wear.

·         Seal Compatibility: Suitable for older vehicles and helps prevent leaks.



1.      Extended Engine Life: Reduced wear and tear help in prolonging the life of the engine.

2.      Improved Fuel Economy: Due to reduced friction, vehicles might experience better mileage.

3.      Smooth Performance: Helps in smoother engine operation across different driving conditions.

4.      Reduced Maintenance: Keeps the engine clean, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

5.      Peace of Mind: With Mobil's trusted brand name, users can be assured of quality and performance.

6.      Cost-Efficient: Less frequent oil changes due to its durable nature, leading to savings in the long run.

7.      Environmental Benefits: Reduced emissions and improved combustion help in reducing the environmental impact.


Why Choose Mobil Special 20W-50 4L Engine Oil?

Mobil, a globally renowned brand, brings to you the Special 20W-50 4L Engine Oil - a top-tier lubricant designed to ensure optimal engine functionality. 

Key Benefits of Mobil Special 20W-50 4L

Enhanced Engine Protection: The unique formulation of this engine oil offers superior protection against wear and tear, ensuring that your engine remains in pristine condition for longer.

Optimal Performance: With its advanced additives, Mobil Special 20W-50 guarantees a smoother drive, reducing engine noise and enhancing fuel efficiency.

Long-lasting: Designed for prolonged intervals between oil changes, this engine oil ensures that you get value for every penny spent.

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What is the price of Mobil Special 20W-50 4L Engine Oil for Private Vehicles in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Mobil Special 20W-50 4L Engine Oil for Private Vehicles is ৳1,950 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the Mobil Special 20W-50 4L Engine Oil for Private Vehicles in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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