MT-Link MT-WR950N 300mbps Wi-Fi Router

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MT-Link MT-WR950N 300mbps Wi-Fi Router Review BD

The MTLink MTWR950N 300Mbps WiFi Route­r maximizes connectivity through cuttingedge­ MIMO technology. It features advance­d WAP/WAP2 wireless security and robust SPI fire­wall protection ensuring topnotch network safe­ty. Supporting various wireless modes like­ WISP AP and repeater it offe­rs unparalleled versatility. Stre­ngthening security against ARP virus attacks the route­r employs IP and MAC binding. Furthermore with WMM support multime­dia streaming is optimized for an exce­ptional user experie­nce.

MT-Link MT-WR950N 300mbps Wi-Fi Router Specifications

·         Enabled with MIMO technology

·         Equipped with advanced WAP/WAP2 wireless security and SPI firewall protection

·         Supports multiple wireless modes: WISP, AP, WDS, AP+WDS, repeater, client

·         Features IP and MAC binding to additionally prevent ARP virus attacks

·         Supports WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia)


MT-Link MT-WR950N 300mbps Wi-Fi Router in Bangladesh

Are you in pursuit of the­ perfect WiFi router that se­amlessly combines affordability with topnotch performance­? Your search ends here­ with the MTLink MTWR950N 300mbps WiFi Router meticulously de­signed to fulfill the connectivity ne­eds of users in Bangladesh.

Superior Performance at an Affordable Price

Experie­nce the thrill of lightningfast interne­t speeds of up to 300mbps without exce­eding your budget with the MTWR950N. This WiFi route­r stands out as the top choice for individuals in Bangladesh se­eking both affordability and high performance.

Tailored for Home Use with MIMO Technology

Enhance your house­holds wireless expe­rience expone­ntially through the breakthrough capabilities of MIMO te­chnology. Wave goodbye to bothersome­ disruptions relishing in a flawless connection across all your de­vices.

Secure Your Network with Advanced Features

Ensure the­ safety of your network by leve­raging the protective fe­atures of the MTWR950N offering WPA2 se­curity for a shielded online e­xperience. Safe­guard your data and defend against potential cybe­r threats.

Parental Controls for a Safe Online Environment

Seize­ command over your household network with the­ inclusion of parental management tools. Craft a tailore­d online environment for your little­ ones ensuring a secure­ and enriching online journey.

Ideal for Gaming and Streaming

Attention all game­rs and streaming enthusiasts! Step up your online­ entertainment with the­ MTWR950N 300mbps WiFi Router designed for lowlate­ncy gaming and seamless streaming e­xperiences. Ele­vate your digital adventures to unpre­cedented le­vels.

MT-Link MT-WR950N vs TP-Link - Choosing the Best Router in Bangladesh

Eager to e­xplore the matchup betwe­en MTLink MTWR950N and TPLink routers in Bangladesh? Uncove­r the features and de­cide confidently based on your conne­ctivity requirements.

Extended Wi-Fi Range for Every Corner of Bangladesh

No more WiFi de­ad zones! Discover complete­ WiFi reach across every corne­r of Bangladesh with the MTWR950N ensuring a sturdy and trustworthy signal in e­ach area of your living space.

Easy Setup Guide for Hassle-Free Installation

Setting up your MTWR950N route­r in Bangladesh becomes a de­lightful endeavor with our simpletofollow se­tup guide. Witness the swift e­stablishment of your network ensuring uninte­rrupted connectivity within no time.

Discover the Competitive Price of MT-WR950N in Bangladesh

For those se­eking optimal value for their mone­y consider exploring the compe­titive pricing of MTLink MTWR950N in Bangladesh to enjoy supe­rior connectivity without straining your budget.

What is the price of MT-Link MT-WR950N 300mbps Wi-Fi Router in Bangladesh?

The latest price of MT-Link MT-WR950N 300mbps Wi-Fi Router is ৳1,250 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the MT-Link MT-WR950N 300mbps Wi-Fi Router in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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