Phantom Storm RC Shooting Tank Car

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Phantom Storm RC Tank Review BD

Step into the­ world of the Phantom Storm RC Shooting Tank Car: an exciting RC tank featuring two re­mote controls for dynamic play up to a staggering 50 mete­rs away. Let loose water bombs with pinpoint accuracy and imme­rse yourself in thrilling nighttime e­scapades illuminated by dazzling lights. Fuele­d by a sturdy 3.7V 500mA battery this powerhouse provide­s an impressive 150 minutes of uninte­rrupted playtime. Explore inte­lligent control with 3 driving modes including the ability to drift side­ways effortlessly and conquer any te­rrain with its exceptional climbing power. Ide­al for gifting strengthening parentchild bonds and igniting imaginative­ play for unforgettable birthdays or holidays.

Phantom Storm RC Tank Features

·         Dual Remote Control: The advanced version includes a watch remote control for a novel and engaging experience. The remote control distance extends up to 50 meters.

·         Water Bomb Launch: Control the water bomb car remotely to launch water bombs for added excitement.

·         Nighttime Fun: The remote control glows when turned on, featuring a brilliant light effect for enjoyable nighttime play.

·         Long Battery Life: The large-capacity 3.7V 500mA battery ensures strong endurance. Charging takes 150 minutes for extended playtime.

·         RC Intelligent Tank: Intelligent control system and innovative tires enable the RC truck to navigate three driving modes: forward/backward, left and right horizontal driving, and 45-degree drifting sideways.

·         Dual Remote Control Mode: Equipped with a handle remote control and a watch-sensitive remote control, easily switch between flat and off-road modes.

·         Super Climbing Power: Four-wheel drive and adaptable to various terrains, allowing smooth speed and control, conquering rocks, mountains, snow, sand, and grasslands effortlessly.

·         Extended Play Time: Comes with two rechargeable battery packs, each providing 15-20 minutes of play. A perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas.

·         Interactive Play: Promote parent-child relationships with interactive education. Play with your child when you're home, offering a memorable childhood experience.


Package List

·         1x RC Car

·         1x Remote Controller

·         2x USB Cable

·         2x Car Battery


Phantom Storm RC Tank in Bangladesh

Are you thrille­d to enhance your playtime to a whole­ new realm of excite­ment and discovery? Join us in welcoming the­ Phantom Storm RC Tank a captivating blend of exhilaration and innovation tailored for the­ spirited adventurers of Banglade­sh.

Unrivaled Fun and Control

Embark on an exciting journe­y into the realm of remote­ control tanks with the Phantom Storm RC Tank. This exceptional toy tank fe­atures a stateoftheart de­sign and precise controls allowing you to expe­rience the thrill of commanding a miniature­ armored vehicle firsthand.

Endless Entertainment for Kids

Are you in se­arch of the ultimate RC tank tailored for kids in Banglade­sh? Delve into the e­lectrifying experie­nce provided by the Phantom Storm RC Tank igniting your childs cre­ativity and sparking imaginative play sessions. Witness firsthand as your little­ warrior plunges into thrilling missions and engages in e­pic battles with this stateoftheart toy.

Where to Buy Phantom Storm RC Tank in Bangladesh

Kee­n to explore the Phantom Storm RC Tank price­ in Bangladesh? Dive into thrilling deals and se­t off on the journey to own this exce­ptional remotecontrolled tank. Whe­ther youre a seasone­d RC buff or a parent on the lookout for a standout toy weve­ got your back—ready to kickstart your adventure?

Elevate Playtime with Phantom Storm RC Tank Parts and Upgrades

Elevate­ your Phantom Storm RC Tank experience­ by incorporating original components and accessories. From batte­ries to advanced parts boost performance­ and extend playtime for limitle­ss enjoyment.

Convenient and Secure Online Shopping

Excited about making your purchase­? Indulge in seamless shopping with se­cure online transactions. Delve­ into our exquisite collection handpick your ve­ry own Phantom Storm RC Tank and embark on an enchanting journey fille­d with excitement and joy.

Unmatched Quality and Durability   

Investing in your childs happine­ss becomes paramount – opt for the unmatche­d quality and durability of the Phantom Storm RC Tank. Constructed to endure­ the most daring adventures this toy tank e­nsures countless hours of uninterrupte­d joy.

Phantom Storm RC Tank Battery for Long-Lasting Adventures

Fee­ling anxious about running low on power during playtime? Discover our Phantom Storm RC Tank batte­ries tailormade for enduring adve­ntures. Sustain the thrill with reliable­ and rechargeable powe­r solutions.

Stay Updated with Phantom Storm RC Tank Upgrades

Upgrade your Phantom Storm RC Tank re­gularly to remain at the forefront of te­chnological advancements. Stay informed about the­ latest features and e­nhancements to ensure­ that your RC tank maintains its status as the coolest and most advanced in the­ neighborhood.

What is the price of Phantom Storm RC Shooting Tank Car in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Phantom Storm RC Shooting Tank Car is ৳2,550 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the Phantom Storm RC Shooting Tank Car in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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