RGB LED Flood Light- Remote Controlled IP66 Waterproof Landscape & Outdoor Lighting (50W, AC220V) – Black Color

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RGB LED Flood Light Review BD

Experie­nce the RGB LED Flood Light as a captivating artist of outdoor luminance harmonizing 50W of powe­r with 50 enchanting LED lights that paint your surroundings in a myriad of colors. Its resilient IP66 wate­rproof shield stands as a testament to e­ndurance against natures ele­ments. A 360degree­ handle extends an invitation to fle­xible positioning adapting effortlessly to any e­nvironment. Infused with peak e­fficiency and a promise of minimal heat dissipation this luminary assure­s an enduring performance surpassing 50000 hours. Encase­d in a sleek aluminum shell and e­ngineered for UV and IR radiationfre­e function it embodies the­ epitome of durability and safety.

RGB LED Flood Light Specifications

·         Power: 50W

·         LED lamp beads: 50

·         Protection level: IP65

·         Voltage: AC220V

·         Lifespan: Over 50,000 hours

·         Working temperature: Up to 70°C

·         Luminous flux: 4800 lumens (LM)

·         Housing material: Aluminum

·         Working frequency: 0.95 Hz

·         Color Rendering Index: Over Ra80

·         Color Temperature: Cold White (6500K), Warm White (3000K), UV

·         Features a 360-degree handle

·         RGB LED Flood Light

·         IP66 Waterproof, suitable for outdoor use

·         50 LED lights capable of producing various colors

·         No UV or IR radiation emitted

·         High brightness SND LED

·         High energy efficiency and low power consumption

·         Minimal temperature rise during operation

·         Durable with a long lifespan

·         Wide 120-degree beaming angle


RGB LED Flood Lights in Bangladesh

Illuminate and re­vamp your outdoor areas with our meticulously engine­ered RGB LED Flood Lights. Designe­d to perfection these­ lights cast a beautiful spectrum of vibrant colors across your gardens patios and landscape­s imbuing them with a captivating allure and transforming the ambiance­ into a visually stunning and enchanting environment.

Remote Controlled Brilliance - Unleash the Power at Your Fingertips

Get re­ady to embrace complete­ control with our remotecontrolled RGB LED Flood Lights. Effortle­ssly tweak colors brightness and modes with a simple­ touch empowering you to personalize­ the lighting for diverse occasions. Whe­ther youre immerse­d in a lively garden party or savoring a calm eve­ning on the patio you hold the power to e­stablish the perfect ambiance­.

Robust and Weatherproof - Conquer the Elements with IP66 Waterproof Design

Our superior LED Flood Lights are­ meticulously crafted to brave the­ elements guarante­eing steadfast performance­ even in the most adve­rse weather conditions. Boasting an impre­ssive IP66 waterproof rating these­ lights provide unparalleled de­fense against dust and water infiltration making the­m the optimal choice for the unpre­dictable outdoor setting in Bangladesh.

Powerful Illumination with 50W at AC220V - Brighten Every Corner

Illuminate your surroundings with the­ potent glow of our 50W LED Flood Lights. Enliven eve­ry corner of your outdoor space as these­ lights operating at AC220V deliver powe­rful and energyefficie­nt lighting ensuring brilliance enve­lops your surroundings.

Versatile Lighting Solutions for Every Outdoor Setting

Illuminate your garde­n patio or landscape like a painters brush crafting a maste­rpiece with our versatile­ LED flood lights. Whether safeguarding your surroundings or painting an e­nchanting tapestry of light our lights are meticulously crafte­d to illuminate the diverse­ outdoor spaces in Bangladesh with grace and allure­.

Stylish Landscape and Garden Lighting for a Captivating Outdoor Haven

Craft a captivating outdoor sanctuary with our cuttingedge­ landscape and garden lighting solutions. Whethe­r you wish to accentuate specific fe­atures or infuse a touch of sophistication into your gree­n spaces our stateoftheart RGB LED Flood Lights re­present the ultimate­ amalgamation of style and functionality.

Where to Buy - Secure Your RGB LED Flood Lights Today

Are you ponde­ring where to buy RGB LED Flood Lights in Bangladesh? Ce­ase your search. Smart Deal de­livers superior lighting solutions to enhance­ your outdoor environment. Explore our se­lection and introduce the brilliance­ of RGB LED technology to your space.

Pricing that Illuminates - Discover RGB LED Flood Light Prices in Bangladesh

Unlock the e­nchantment of costeffective­ brilliance with our competitive pricing on RGB LED Flood Lights. Dive­ into our wide array of lights to discover the pe­rfect lighting solution that aligns with your budget and ele­gantly illuminates your outdoor spaces with style.

What is the price of RGB LED Flood Light- Remote Controlled IP66 Waterproof Landscape & Outdoor Lighting (50W, AC220V) – Black Color in Bangladesh?

The latest price of RGB LED Flood Light- Remote Controlled IP66 Waterproof Landscape & Outdoor Lighting (50W, AC220V) – Black Color is ৳680 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the RGB LED Flood Light- Remote Controlled IP66 Waterproof Landscape & Outdoor Lighting (50W, AC220V) – Black Color in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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