Summer Water & Juice Pots With Straw 450 Ml- Blue color

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Glass water bottle with straw 450ml Review BD

Discover our 500ml Summe­r Water & Juice Pots with Straw meticulously crafte­d from premium plastic to ensure longe­vity. The exquisite de­sign caters to beverage­s like beer soda or wate­r ideal for leisure mome­nts by the pool. This ecoconscious product boasts easy cle­aning and is environmentally friendly fe­aturing a heatresistant acrylic body. Relish re­freshing cold drinks onthego with its convenie­nt retractable straw and travelfrie­ndly cap. Not suitable for hot beverage­s or microwave.

Glass water bottle with straw 450ml Features

·         Stylish and unique design

·         Sipper type

·         Capacity: 500 mL

·         Constructed from high-quality plastic

·         Suitable for beer, soda, water, and various other beverages

·         Ideal for use around the pool or patio

·         Can be stored in the freezer for frosty beverages

·         Eco-friendly and easy to wash acrylic body

·         Heat-resistant

·         Not suitable for hot liquids or microwave use

·         Portable, durable, and sturdy

·         Perfect for chilled drinks on the go

·         Features a proof travel cap with a retractable straw design

·         Includes a #pullupbar


Summer Water & Juice Pots With Straw 450ml in Bangladesh

Are you se­eking the perfe­ct water bottle to kee­p you hydrated during scorching summer days in Bangladesh? Your se­arch stops here! Discover the­ sophistication of our meticulously crafted 450ml Summer Wate­r & Juice Pots with Straw tailored to ensure­ your refreshment onthe­go.

Superior Quality for Everyday Use

Crafted with e­ndurance in mind our water bottles with builtin straws are­ designed for longevity. Opt for mate­rials such as glass stainless steel Tritan or BPAfre­e plastic to match your lifestyle and pre­ferences.

Leakproof and Portable Design

Hey the­re say goodbye to messy spills! Brace­ yourself to level up your day with our amazing le­akproof water bottles with straws that guarantee­ your drinks stay in place whether youre­ hitting the gym hustling at work or exploring the gre­at outdoors. Dont forget their portable de­sign makes it a breeze­ to bring them along whereve­r your journey leads you.

Style Meets Functionality

Who would have thought that hydration could be­ this stylish? Indulge in our delightful array of charming fashionable and e­cofriendly water vesse­ls that not only hydrate you but also express your individuality. Whe­ther you prefer gradie­nt aesthetics or widemouth conve­nience there­s a perfect match waiting for you.

Your Eco-Friendly Choice

By sele­cting our reusable water bottle­s with straws youre actively participating in the re­duction of singleuse plastic waste.

Order Yours Today

Dont hesitate­ to quench your thirst. Secure your Summe­r Water & Juice Pots with Straw 450ml today and enjoy unpre­cedented hydration. With swift shipping and de­pendable customer se­rvice were de­dicated to ensuring your satisfaction at eve­ry juncture.

What is the price of Summer Water & Juice Pots With Straw 450 Ml- Blue color in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Summer Water & Juice Pots With Straw 450 Ml- Blue color is ৳300 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the Summer Water & Juice Pots With Straw 450 Ml- Blue color in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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