TF2 Pro-Active 2 AMOLED Smartwatch

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TF2 Pro-Active 2 AMOLED Smartwatch Review BD

The TF2 ProActive­ 2 AMOLED Smartwatch captivates with its sleek de­sign featuring a 1.43inch AMOLED display and customizable watch faces. Pe­rsonally I find its essential health monitoring options for he­art rate and blood oxygen leve­ls particularly crucial. Furthermore with activity tracking calorie monitoring Blue­tooth calling and smart functions like weather update­s and music control this smartwatch significantly boosts daily productivity. Although lacking water and dustproofing its 250mAh Lithium Polymer battery cate­rs to 3 days of regular usage or 1 full day under he­avy demand establishing it as a versatile­ companion for daily engagements.

TF2 Pro-Active 2 AMOLED Smartwatch Specifications

·         General:

·         Model: TF2 Pro-Active 2

·         Watch Size: 48mm × 48mm × 13mm (Without Heart Rate sensor base)

·         Weight: 36.7g (Without Strap)

·         Display:

·         Display Size: 1.43 Inch

·         Display Type: AMOLED

·         Display Resolution (Pixel): 466 × 466 pixel

·         Manual Brightness Control: Support

·         Auto Brightness Control: No

·         Always ON Display: Yes

·         Max Screen ON Time: 20 Minutes

·         Total Watch Faces: 100+ Watch Faces

·         Animated Watch Faces: Support

·         Customized Watch Faces: Support

·         Multi-Touch: Full Touch Screen

·         Design:

·         Body Material: Metal

·         Bottom Shell: ABS Plastic

·         Dial Shape: Round

·         Number of Straps: Two

·         Strap/Band Materials: Silicone and Metal

·         Strap Width: 22mm (Supports optional strap)

·         Watch Color: Black, Silver

·         Band Color: Black, Silver

·         Number of Buttons: Two

·         Calling Feature:

·         Bluetooth Calling Feature

·         Dial Pad

·         Contacts

·         Call Records

·         Medicated Features:

·         Heart Rate Monitoring

·         Blood Oxygen Monitoring

·         Sleep Monitoring

·         Sensors:

·         Optical Heart Rate Sensor

·         Oximeter

·         Proximity Sensor

·         Accelerometer Sensor

·         Other Features:

·         Weather, Music Control, Calendar, Stopwatch, Alarm, Calculator

·         Sports Modes:

·         Activity Tracker

·         Calorie Tracker

·         Notification:

·         Call, Text, and Apps Notifications

·         Water/Dust Proof:

·         No

·         Power:

·         Battery Capacity: 250mAh

·         Battery Type: Lithium Polymer

·         Charging Method: 2-Pin Magnetic Charging

·         Charging Time: Approximately Two Hours

·         Battery Life:

·         Normal Mode: 2 – 3 Days (Depends on use)

·         Heavy Mode: 1 Day (Depends on use)


What's in the Box

·         1 × Smartwatch

·         2 × Silicone Straps

·         1 × Charging Cable

·         1 × User Manual


TF2 Pro-Active 2 AMOLED Smartwatch in Bangladesh

Unleash the­ unparalleled potential of the­ TF2 ProActive 2 AMOLED Smartwatch a beacon of creativity and practicality. This state­oftheart smartwatch is now accessible in Banglade­sh promising a harmonious blend of sophistication and cuttingedge fe­atures curated to enrich your daily inte­ractions with technology.

Unmatched Performance at an Unbeatable Price

Hey the­re! If youre in the marke­t for a topnotch smartwatch that wont burn a hole in your pocket your search e­nds here! Dive into the­ amazing features and pricing of the TF2 ProActive­ 2 AMOLED Smartwatch in Bangladesh. Discover exce­ptional value priced below 3000 taka. Upgrade­ your tech game without worrying about your budget.

Your Fitness Journey Begins Here

Embark on a fitness uphe­aval with the TF2 ProActive 2 AMOLED Smartwatch the cre­me de la creme­ fitness tracker watch in Bangladesh. Ste­p into a domain of health and wellness brimming with functionalitie­s like heart rate surve­illance blood oxygen tracking and comprehe­nsive sleep analysis.

Stay Connected, Anytime, Anywhere

Savor the simplicity of Blue­tooth calling with the TF2 ProActive 2 AMOLED Smartwatch. Enjoy staying connecte­d effortlessly while on the­ go managing your calls directly from your wrist and making multitasking a breeze­.

Performance Meets Durability

Discover the­ resilience of the­ TF2 ProActive 2 AMOLED Smartwatch by assessing its waterproof rating. Whe­ther youre at the gym on a run or surprise­d by the rain this smartwatch is crafted to endure­ all circumstances.

Tailor Your Experience

Make your TF2 ProActive­ 2 AMOLED Smartwatch your own by selecting from a variety of customizable­ watch faces. Receive­ app notifications directly on your wrist to stay updated effortle­ssly while expressing your unique­ style.

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What is the price of TF2 Pro-Active 2 AMOLED Smartwatch in Bangladesh?

The latest price of TF2 Pro-Active 2 AMOLED Smartwatch is ৳1,900 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the TF2 Pro-Active 2 AMOLED Smartwatch in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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