VIGO Electric Iron- Dry VIG-DEI-004

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VIGO Electric Iron- Dry VIG-DEI-004

The VIGO Electric Iron - Dry VIG-DEI-004 is a high-quality and efficient iron that offers excellent performance in removing wrinkles and creases from clothes. With its advanced features and sleek design, this iron ensures smooth and crisp results, making it a top choice for home use.

 Product Specifications:

- Model: VIG-DEI-004

- Type: Electric Iron (Dry Iron)

- Power Consumption: 1200 Watts

- Voltage: 220-240V

- Cord Length: 2 meters

- Soleplate Material: Non-stick coated

- Indicator Light: Yes

- Temperature Control: Adjustable with multiple settings

- Auto Shut-off: No

- Weight: 1.2 kg

- Dimensions: 28 cm x 12 cm x 14 cm

- Warranty: 1 year


Key Features:

1. Powerful Performance: With a power consumption of 1200 Watts, the VIGO Electric Iron delivers efficient and effective ironing results, ensuring smooth and wrinkle-free clothes.

2. Adjustable Temperature Control: The iron features an adjustable temperature control with multiple settings, allowing you to customize the ironing experience based on the fabric type, ensuring optimal results without damaging delicate fabrics.

3. Non-Stick Coated Soleplate: The soleplate is coated with a non-stick material, reducing friction and making it easier to glide smoothly over various fabrics. It prevents sticking or scorching, ensuring the safety and longevity of your clothes.

4. Indicator Light: This iron has a signal light which lights up while the appliance is warming up. This shows that it has available for use. This feature helps you know exactly when the iron is at the desired temperature, saving you time and energy.

5. Long Cord Length: The iron comes with a 2-meter long cord, providing flexibility and convenience during ironing. You can comfortably move around without being restricted by the power outlet's proximity.

6. Lightweight and Compact Design: Weighing just 1.2 kg and with compact dimensions, the VIGO Electric Iron is easy to handle and store. It doesn't strain your arm during extended ironing sessions and takes up minimal storage space.



1. Effortless Ironing: The VIGO Electric Iron's powerful performance and non-stick soleplate ensure effortless gliding over fabrics, resulting in smooth and wrinkle-free clothes in less time.

2. Versatile Usage: With adjustable temperature control, this iron can be used on a wide range of fabrics, from delicate silk to sturdy cotton. You can confidently iron different types of clothes without worrying about damaging them.

3. Time and Energy Saving: The indicator light and fast heating feature enable quick start-up, saving you time in your daily ironing routine. The non-stick soleplate reduces the need for excessive ironing, saving energy and preserving your clothes' quality.

4. Convenience and Flexibility: The prolonged wire length delivers flexibility and convenience. This enables one to travel without any limitations being connected to a wall socket. The lightweight and compact design ensure comfortable ironing and easy storage.

5. Durable and Reliable: The VIGO Electric Iron is built to last with high-quality components and materials. Having a 1-year guarantee, you can rest easy understanding that you are spending on a trustworthy and enduring iron.


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What is the price of VIGO Electric Iron- Dry VIG-DEI-004 in Bangladesh?

The latest price of VIGO Electric Iron- Dry VIG-DEI-004 is ৳1,199 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the VIGO Electric Iron- Dry VIG-DEI-004 in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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