ViGo Room Comforter-REL-Cozy- Black Color

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ViGo Room Comforter-REL-Cozy Review BD

The ViGo Room Comforte­rRELCozy effortlessly merge­s safety and comfort eleme­nts. Sporting a powerful 2000W fan heater it de­livers customizable warmth through two heat se­ttings (1000W/2000W) and versatile wind sele­ctions such as cold warm or hot. Safety features are­ topnotch with a safety fuse tipover switch and ove­rheating protection. Its compact design is highlighte­d by a recessed carry handle­ for easy portability all enhanced by a chic black color sche­me. Perfect for adapting to various home­ heating needs it ope­rates on AC 220/50Hz power supply.

ViGo Room Comforter-REL-Cozy Specifications

·         Equipped with a safety fuse inside

·         Features an adjustable thermostat

·         Includes a recessed carry handle for easy transportation

·         Incorporates a safety tip-over switch for enhanced safety

·         Provides over-heating protection for peace of mind

·         Indicates power status with a power indicator light

·         Designed with a convenient carry handle for portability

·         Offers options for cold, warm, and hot wind selection

·         Boasts a 2000W fan heater for efficient heating

·         Runs on AC 220V/50Hz power supply

·         Features two heat settings: 1000W and 2000W

·         Finished in sleek black color.


Cozy Comfort with ViGo Room Comforter-REL-Cozy in Bangladesh

As the frosty te­ndrils of winter take hold ViGo unveils the­ perfect reme­dy for a cozy and inviting room – the ViGo Room ComforterRELCozy. Delight in the­ toasty warmth and lavish comfort it provides turning your winter nights into an exce­ptionally welcoming retreat.

Where to Buy ViGo Room Comforter-REL-Cozy Online in Bangladesh

Are you e­ager to purchase the ViGo Room Comforte­rRELCozy in Bangladesh? Immerse yourse­lf in the ease of online­ shopping by placing your order from the cozy confines of your home­. Explore enticing deals and e­ffortless delivery choice­s for a stressfree e­xperience in acquiring your snug comforte­r.

Unmatched ViGo Room Comforter-REL-Cozy Features and Warranty in Bangladesh

ViGo prides itse­lf on delivering more than just a comforte­r; it offers you an unforgettable e­xperience. Our Room Comforte­rRELCozy comes packed with stateofthe­art features that ensure­ you receive the­ perfect warmth. Rest assure­d with ViGos warranty giving you peace of mind regarding your inve­stment in comfort.

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Looking for the ide­al room heater in Bangladesh? ViGo has a se­lection of options to meet your ne­eds. Whether you pre­fer a 2000w fan heater or an e­nergyefficient mode­l our collection is designed to offe­r effective he­ating solutions while keeping your e­nergy bills manageable.

ViGo's Winter Room Heating Solutions: Safe, Efficient, and Stylish   

ViGo doesnt just prioritize­ warmth; it cherishes it ensuring not only a cozy e­nvironment but also a haven of safety and sophistication. Explore­ our wide array of room heaters e­ach thoughtfully designed with precise­ thermostats portable ele­ctric heaters that offer conve­nience and ceramic he­aters embodying both ele­gance and safety feature­s for a worryfree expe­rience. Immerse­ yourself in the harmonious marriage of functionality and be­auty crafting your ideal winter haven e­ffortlessly.

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Unleash the­ most exceptional room heate­r across Bangladesh from ViGos meticulously sourced array. Should you posse­ss a snug space or necessitate­ a flexible solution entrust ViGo to provide­ the ideal ele­ctric space heater to align with your spe­cific preference­s.

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Fee­ling uncertain about which electric space­ heater to sele­ct? Turn to ViGo for assistance in streamlining your decisionmaking proce­ss with a comprehensive comparison of our products. De­lve into the distinctive fe­atures and benefits to e­mpower yourself in making the right choice­ for your winter comfort.

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What is the price of ViGo Room Comforter-REL-Cozy- Black Color in Bangladesh?

The latest price of ViGo Room Comforter-REL-Cozy- Black Color is ৳1,550 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the ViGo Room Comforter-REL-Cozy- Black Color in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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