Wind Pop Filter For Microphone With Adjustable Arm

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Wind Pop Filter For Microphone With Adjustable Arm

The Wind Pop Filter with Adjustable Arm is an essential accessory for professional-grade microphones. Designed to minimize unwanted popping sounds and wind interference during recordings, this filter effectively improves the overall audio quality. With its adjustable arm, it offers flexibility in positioning the filter according to the user's preference, ensuring optimal sound capture. Ideal for podcasting, voiceovers, and studio recordings, this wind pop filter guarantees crisp and clear audio by eliminating disruptive noise caused by plosives and gusts of wind.



·         Color: Black

·         Neck Length: Approximately 37.5cm / 14.76 inches

·         Mic External Diameter: Approximately 15.5cm / 6.10 inches

·         Mic Internal Diameter: Approximately 13.5cm / 5.31 inches

·         Stand Material: Plastic

·         Gross Weight: 278g



·         Excellent companion for recording, speaking, or singing.

·         Eliminates undesirable hissing and lisping sounds caused by pronouncing Plosives such as /p/, /b/, /k/, /t/, resulting in clear sound quality.

·         Features a double layer design that safeguards your microphone from excessive spit caused by enthusiastic performers.

·         360° flexible gooseneck allows for precise positioning, ensuring convenience during use.

·         The adjustable clamp securely fits any mic stand with a thickness of up to 3.5cm / 1.38 inches.


Pop Filter for Condenser Mic - Price in Bangladesh | SmartDeal

A pop filter is an essential accessory for anyone using a condenser microphone. It is designed to reduce unwanted popping sounds caused by plosive consonant sounds like "p" and "b" during vocal recordings. By placing a pop filter between the microphone and the speaker, it acts as a barrier that diffuses the airflow and minimizes the impact of these sudden bursts of air. This results in clearer, more professional sound quality.

The Importance of Using a Pop Filter

Using a pop filter is crucial for achieving high-quality audio recordings. Without a pop filter, plosive sounds can cause distortion and make your recordings sound unprofessional. These unwanted noises can be especially problematic for podcasts, voice-overs, and singing performances. By investing in a pop filter, you can significantly improve the overall sound quality and ensure that your recordings are free from distracting plosive sounds.

Features of Our Pop Filters

Premium Quality Material

The sturdy yet flexible gooseneck allows you to position the filter exactly where you need it, providing optimal sound protection while maintaining convenience and ease of use.

Double Layer Design

The double layer design of our pop filters effectively filters out plosive sounds while preserving the natural sound of your voice or instrument. The inner layer acts as the primary shield, while the outer layer further enhances the filtering process. This dual-layer system ensures maximum protection against plosive sounds without compromising sound quality.

Easy to Install

Our pop filters are designed for hassle-free installation. They come with a universal mounting clamp that securely attaches to most microphone stands.

Pop Filter Price in Bangladesh

At SmartDeal, we understand the importance of offering affordable yet high-quality audio accessories. Our pop filters for condenser microphones are competitively priced, ensuring that you can achieve professional sound without breaking the bank.

Order Your Pop Filter Today!

Enhance your audio recordings and achieve crystal-clear sound by investing in a pop filter from SmartDeal. Say goodbye to unwanted plosive sounds and enjoy professional-quality audio. Place your order today and take your recordings to the next level!


What is the price of Wind Pop Filter For Microphone With Adjustable Arm in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Wind Pop Filter For Microphone With Adjustable Arm is ৳450 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the Wind Pop Filter For Microphone With Adjustable Arm in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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