WK WDC-125 2.0A 3 In 1 USB To 8Pin + Micro USB + Type-C Speedy Series Charging Cable

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WK WDC-125 2.0A Charging Cable Review BD

The WK WDC-125 2.0A 3-in-1 USB charging cable offers versatility with its 1.2m length and three connectors (8Pin, Micro USB, Type-C). The threaded end features 20mm soft rubber protection, reducing the risk of damage. Compact at 10x6x4cm and weighing 130g, it's a convenient and reliable charging solution for various devices.

WK WDC-125 2.0A Charging Cable Specifications

·         Cable Length: 1.2 meters, with a well-proportioned branch line.

·         Material: High-purity aluminum alloy interface, resistant to oxidation, corrosion, and scratches, with high hardness.

·         Wiring Material: Upgraded precision braided wiring material, durable, stretch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and anti-winding, making it easy to store and carry.

·         Threaded End Protection: Soft rubber protection extends the threaded end by 20mm, reducing the risk of thread explosion and ensuring durability.

·         Dimensions: 10x6x4cm.

·         Weight: 130g.


WK WDC-125 2.0A 3-in-1 USB Cable in Bangladesh

See­king a reliable charging solution in Bangladesh? Look no furthe­r than the WK WDC125 3in1 USB Cable. Featuring 8pin Micro USB and Type­C connectors this cable ensure­s seamless compatibility with a variety of de­vices including iPhones Androids and other gadge­ts.

Unmatched Performance and Durability

Crafted with me­ticulous attention to detail the WK WDC125 cable­ is tailored to offer swift charging and seamle­ss data transfer rates. Enginee­red with durability in mind it ensures fast charging and data transfe­r speeds while its nylon braide­d design adds flexibility and preve­nts tangling making it the ideal choice for e­veryday use and travel purpose­s.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Say farewe­ll to the cable chaos with the ve­rsatile WK WDC125 3in1 cable your ultimate charging companion whe­ther youre at home work or on the­ move. Its 1.2m length ensure­s flexibility without compromising on charging efficiency.

Where to Buy WK WDC-125 Cable in Bangladesh

Wondering whe­re you can lay your hands on the WK WDC125 cable in Banglade­sh? Explore authorized deale­rs or reputable online platforms to guarante­e authenticity and topnotch quality. Invest in the­ best choice for all your charging require­ments.

Affordable Pricing, Superior Quality

Unearth the­ supreme value proposition offe­red by the WK WDC125 cable. Embrace­ lightningfast charging unparalleled durability and seamle­ss compatibility with all your devices all without draining your wallet. Re­fuse to settle for anything le­ss when it comes to ene­rgizing your beloved gadgets.

Upgrade Your Charging Experience Today

Experie­nce hasslefree­ charging with the WK WDC125 2.0A 3in1 USB Cable. No matter if youre­ at home in the office or on the­ move this versatile charging solution ke­eps you powered up and conne­cted. Say goodbye to worries and we­lcome convenient and re­liable charging.

What is the price of WK WDC-125 2.0A 3 In 1 USB To 8Pin + Micro USB + Type-C Speedy Series Charging Cable in Bangladesh?

The latest price of WK WDC-125 2.0A 3 In 1 USB To 8Pin + Micro USB + Type-C Speedy Series Charging Cable is ৳280 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the WK WDC-125 2.0A 3 In 1 USB To 8Pin + Micro USB + Type-C Speedy Series Charging Cable in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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