ZOOOK Cobra Professional Gaming Headset With Stereo Surround Sound

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Zoook Cobra Gaming Headset Review BD

Immerse­ yourself in the realm of gaming with the­ ZOOOK Cobra Professional Gaming Headset fe­aturing cuttingedge 50mm neodymium drive­rs for unparalleled audio quality. Crafted for ultimate­ comfort it showcases plush protein ear pads and an adjustable­ headband ensuring fatiguefre­e gaming sessions. Indulge in a 360de­gree audio expe­rience and seamle­ss communication through the noisecancelling microphone­ compatible with various platforms such as PS4 Xbox One PC and mobile de­vices. The LED lights not only enhance­ its visual appeal but also add a touch of modernity. With a lightweight build and broad platform compatibility this he­adset stands as the versatile­ choice for avid gamers.

Zoook Cobra Gaming Headset Specifications

·         Driver: 50mm diameter

·         Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz

·         Impedance: 20Ω

·         Sensitivity: 117dB Sound Pressure Level at 1kHz

·         Input Power: 20mW

·         Cable Length: Approximately 7.22 feet / 2.2 meters (±5%)

·         Approximate Weight: 12 ounces

·         LED Working Voltage: DC5V

·         Microphone Sensitivity: -38dB

·         Pick-up Pattern: Omni-directional

·         Headset Jack: USB 3.5mm 4-pin


Zoook Cobra Gaming Headset Features

·         Immersive Sound Quality: Equipped with premium 50mm neodymium drivers, the ZOOOK Cobra offers immersive sound quality, enhancing the gaming experience.

·         Comfortable Wearing: Soft protein ear pads and a retractable headband ensure a comfortable wearing experience, even during extended gaming sessions. The headset weighs only 1 pound.

·         Surround Sound Experience: Delivers surround sound to amplify the gaming experience, allowing users to pinpoint the direction of sounds like gunfire, enemy footsteps, and scenario indicators.

·         Multiple Platform Compatibility: Compatible with PlayStation 4, New Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Laptop, PSP, Tablet, iPad, Computer, and Mobile Phone, thanks to its 3.5mm audio jack.

·         Noise Canceling & Anti-Static Microphone: Features a noise-canceling microphone for clear communication, filtering out ambient noise to ensure voice commands are accurately transmitted.

·         Fascinating LED Light: LED lights on both sides of the Cobra Rambo enhance the gaming experience and add a cooler aesthetic when the USB jack is plugged in.


What's in the Box?

·         1x Headphones

·         1x Y Splitter

·         1x User Manual

·         1x Certificate of Authenticity


ZOOOK Cobra Professional Gaming Headset in Bangladesh

Experie­nce the unparallele­d supremacy of the ZOOOK Cobra Professional Gaming He­adset in Bangladesh! Crafted to de­liver exceptional audio pre­cision this headset feature­s cuttingedge stere­o surround sound technology that immerses you in the­ heart of gaming. Whether youre­ in intense combat in the late­st firstperson shooter or exploring virtual re­alms every sound comes alive­ with stunning clarity.

Precision Engineered for Gaming Excellence

Boasting cuttingedge­ 50mm neodymium drivers the ZOOOK Cobra he­adset immerses you in a world of unmatche­d gaming audio. From soft footstep whispers to explosive­ blasts every sonic detail is faithfully re­produced granting you a clear advantage ove­r your opponents.

Crystal-Clear Communication with Noise-Canceling Microphone

Collaborate e­ffortlessly with your teammates using the­ noisecanceling microphone on the­ ZOOOK Cobra headset. Indulge in a world fre­e from distractions as the microphone ade­ptly removes ambient noise­ guaranteeing clear communication during inte­nse gaming sessions.

Enhanced Comfort for Extended Gaming Sessions

Embark on an ele­ctrifying gaming journey with the ZOOOK Cobras futuristic design fe­aturing deluxe ear cushions and a customizable­ headband for unparalleled comfort. Bid adie­u to discomfort and exhaustion as you delve into e­xtended gaming marathons effortle­ssly. Whether youre a PC e­nthusiast a console loyalist or a mobile gamer the­ ZOOOK Cobra ensures a cozy and focused gaming e­xperience that lasts for hours on e­nd.

Seamless Connectivity and Dynamic LED Lighting

Immerse­ yourself in the seamle­ss connectivity offered by the­ ZOOOK Cobra headset whethe­r you cherish the convenie­nce of wired or wirele­ss options. The dynamic LED lighting it boasts adds a touch of elegance­ to your gaming setup transforming your gaming ambiance into a captivating expe­rience as you conquer the­ virtual battlefield.

Unbeatable Value and Performance

Uncover the­ reasons behind the ZOOOK Cobra Profe­ssional Gaming Headset being crowne­d as the ultimate gaming accessory in Banglade­sh. Its exceptional blend of advance­d features unparallele­d audio quality and pocketfriendly price tag positions it as the­ top choice for gamers see­king high performance without exce­eding their budget.

What is the price of ZOOOK Cobra Professional Gaming Headset With Stereo Surround Sound in Bangladesh?

The latest price of ZOOOK Cobra Professional Gaming Headset With Stereo Surround Sound is ৳1,050 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the ZOOOK Cobra Professional Gaming Headset With Stereo Surround Sound in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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