Defender Rechargeable Ac/Dc Fan 12 Inche

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Defender Rechargeable Ac/Dc Fan 12 Inche

White or maroon, the 12-inch Defender Rechargeable AC/DC Fan (model 2912) is a multipurpose fan. With a 6V4.5AH Lead-Acid Battery and dual power source that offers both AC and DC charging choices, it guarantees a longer backup duration. This fan has three speed settings, protection against overcharge and overdischarge, and a tilt adjustment for customised airflow.



·         Brand: Defender

·         Model: 2912

·         Available Colors: White/Maroon (subject to stock availability).

·         Size: 12 inches.

·         Rechargeable Feature: With both AC and DC charging options, it promises extended backup time.

·         Battery Details: Utilizes a 6V4.5AH Lead-Acid Battery.

·         Initial Charge Duration: 12-15 hours.

·         Operational Backup:

·         High Speed: 3 hours.

·         Medium Speed: 4.5 hours.

·         Low Speed: 6 hours.

·         LED Light Backup: Up to 9 hours.

·         Speed Settings: 3-speed oscillating fan with an oscillation control lock.

·         Additional Features:

·         Overcharge and over-discharge protection ensures battery longevity.

·         Integrated LED light.

·         Designed for portability and ease of repair.

·         Origin: Made in China.


Key Features

·         Dual Power Source: Operates on both AC and rechargeable DC power.

·         Long-Lasting Operation: Offers extended operation time on a single charge.

·         Multiple Speed Settings: Customizable airflow with low, medium, and high settings.

·         Safety First: Equipped with overcharge and over-discharge protection features.

·         Adjustable Tilt: Direct the airflow just where you want it.

·         Compact and Portable: Its size and weight make it easy to move from room to room.

·         Sturdy Construction: Designed for durability and long-term use.



1.      Flexibility: The dual power source ensures you're always cool, even during power outages.

2.      Energy-Efficient: Reduce your energy bills by using the DC mode.

3.      Customized Comfort: Choose from multiple speed settings to get just the right airflow.

4.      Safety Assured: Sleep easy knowing the fan's built-in protections prevent overcharging and over-discharging.

5.      Direct Airflow: The adjustable tilt ensures you can target airflow exactly where it's needed.

6.      Portable: Its compact design means you can take comfort with you, wherever you go in your home.

7.      Peace of Mind: Comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty, ensuring quality and reliability.


Defender Rechargeable AC/DC Fan 12 Inch at the best price in Bangladesh

With the 12 inches of cold air that the Defender Rechargeable AC/DC Fan provides, you can stay cool and comfortable wherever you are in Bangladesh.

Mobile Cooling That Works

You can rely on the Defender 12 Inch Rechargeable AC/DC Fan to help you beat the heat. Bid farewell to oppressive summers and relish a cosy setting throughout the entire year.

Choices for Dual Power for Maximum Convenience

You have the liberty to utilise this adaptable fan wherever you require it because it runs on both AC and DC power sources.

Easily recharged for prolonged use

You can keep yourself cool all night long if you charge it during the day. It is not necessary to search for an electrical outlet.

Modifiable Direction and Speed

It is up to you to adjust the fan's airflow to your preferred level of gentleness or force. Additionally, you can change the fan's direction to deliver airflow precisely where it is needed.

Transportable and Simple to Hold

Carry it about your house with ease or take it on picnics and camping excursions.

Silent and Energy-Sparing

Savour the calm and quiet that comes with having a silent fan. Additionally energy-efficient, the Defender Rechargeable AC/DC Fan keeps you cool without breaking the bank.

An Affordable Cooling Option

Make the Defender Rechargeable AC/DC Fan 12 Inch an investment today to avoid letting the heat get the better of you.

Place Your Order Now

Defender Rechargeable AC/DC Fan 12 Inch is your go-to cooling option in Bangladesh; beat the heat with it. Place your order at right now to stay cool and comfy.

What is the price of Defender Rechargeable Ac/Dc Fan 12 Inche in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Defender Rechargeable Ac/Dc Fan 12 Inche is ৳3,850 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the Defender Rechargeable Ac/Dc Fan 12 Inche in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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