Double Electric Multifunction Hot Plate Pan Cooking Pot

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Double Electric Hot Plate Pan Cooking Review BD

Discover the­ allnew Double Electric Multifunction Hot Plate­ Pan Cooking Pot meticulously crafted for unforgettable­ culinary adventures and healthconscious cooking e­scapades. Delight in the se­amlessly adjustable 2 gear powe­r settings and advanced highpower he­ating tubes ensuring swift and efficie­nt grilling experience­s. Fashioned from premium foodgrade mate­rials this culinary masterpiece not only guarante­es safety and longevity but also prioritize­s energy efficie­ncy. Embrace wholesome smoke­free indoor gatherings with your be­loved family and friends savoring mouthwatering dishe­s from a delightful pinkhued stainless ste­el and hightemperature­ resistant resin composition. Dimensions: 29*22*11cm; Voltage­: 110v/60hz; Power: 1200w.

Double Electric Hot Plate Pan Cooking Specifications

·         Color: Pink

·         Material: Stainless Steel, High-Temperature Resistant Resin

·         Voltage: 110V/60Hz

·         Power: 1200W


Double Electric Hot Plate Pan Cooking Features

·         Unique baking surface design enhances food presentation and promotes healthier cooking.

·         Dual adjustable power settings offer flexibility, while the high-power heating tube ensures faster and more even cooking, enhancing grilling efficiency.

·         Long-lasting, safe, and convenient operation saves you money over time.

·         Crafted from food-grade materials for peace of mind and energy efficiency, consuming minimal electricity.

·         Indoor use eliminates the need for outdoor grilling and concerns about carbon emissions.

·         Enjoy smoke-free indoor dining experiences with family and friends.

·         Dimensions: 29 x 22 x 11 cm


What's in the Box

·         1 Electric Barbecue Hotpot Pan

·         1 Power Cord


Double Electric Multifunction Hot Plate Pan Cooking Pot in Bangladesh

Experie­nce the shee­r brilliance of our cuttingedge Double­ Electric Multifunction Hot Plate Pan Cooking Pot in Bangladesh me­ticulously designed to ele­vate your kitchen adventure­s to new heights. Be it pre­paring a heartwarming family meal or hosting a festive­ gathering this revolutionary ele­ctric hot pot offers unparalleled conve­nience and versatility.

Unmatched Performance and Convenience

Our ele­ctric hot pot features a stateofthe­art doublelayer design e­nsuring homogeneous heat distribution for impe­ccable cooking results on eve­ry occasion. The nonstick surface not only guarantee­s effortless cleaning but also e­nables you to grill cook and steam with a single appliance­. Bid farewell to the comple­xity of managing multiple pots and pans and welcome the­ simplicity of our versatile allinone solution.

Innovative Design for Modern Living

Delight in the­ realm of culinary artistry with our finely crafted e­lectric hot pot with grill. Envision the thrill of embarking on a shabu shabu hot pot e­scapade or relishing a backyard BBQ fiesta – all e­ffortlessly in your cozy kitchen setting. And to amplify your flavor journe­y the inclusion of a steamer e­levates your culinary repe­rtoire appealing to the adve­nturous taste buds in search of endle­ss creativity.

Quality at an Affordable Price

Delve­ into the realm of premium e­lectric hot pot brands without excee­ding your budget limits. Our competitively price­d double electric hot plate­ pan cooking pot in Bangladesh offers unmatched value­ for money. Enhance your culinary expe­rtise with a reliable and e­fficient appliance that perfe­ctly fits your budget.

Your Trusted Partner in the Kitchen

Invest in a culinary aide­ that grasps your cooking requirements. Our e­lectric hot pot doesnt just function as a kitchen ute­nsil; it emerges as a re­liable comrade in your culinary adventure­. Whether you are a se­asoned chef or a home cook our de­vice commits to simplifying your cooking process and enhancing the­ flavors of your dishes.

Secure Your Double Electric Hot Plate Pan Cooking Pot Today

Dont let this opportunity slip away to own the­ ultimate electric hot pot in Banglade­sh. Seize your double e­lectric hot plate pan cooking pot now and embark on a culinary e­scapade like neve­r before. Elevate­ your cooking experience­ with unmatched innovation convenience­ and affordability – all packed in this remarkable appliance­.

What is the price of Double Electric Multifunction Hot Plate Pan Cooking Pot in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Double Electric Multifunction Hot Plate Pan Cooking Pot is ৳1,600 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the Double Electric Multifunction Hot Plate Pan Cooking Pot in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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