Excel E103 Fast Charger 3.8A Charging Adapter 21W Fast Charging (Type-B))

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Excel E103 Fast Charger 3.8A Charging Adapter 21W Fast Charging (Type-B))

The high-quality E103 Quick Charger delivers a potent 3.8A charging performance capable of achieving 21W fast charging capabilities. Using its USB Type-B connector, provides quick and effective juicing up devices that are compatible. This creates it an trustworthy option for individuals searching for speedy charging choices.



·         Charging Speed: 3.8A

·         Power Output: 21W

·         Charging Type: B

·         Compatibility: Suitable for various equipment like cell phones, iPads, and additional USB-driven equipment.

·         Input Voltage: AC 100 to 240V, thereby making it suitable for global use.

·         Safety Features: Current Overload Protection, Protection Against High Voltage, Short-circuit Safety, and Over-temperature Safety are included to promote safe and trustworthy charging.


Key Features:

1.      Fast Charging: The E103 Excel Fast Charger gives a rapid charging rate of 3.8A. This enables you to power your appliances speedily and productively.

2.      High Power Output: Featuring a power output of 21W, this charger gives adequate power for quick device charging. It guarantees speedy and productive powering all your equipment.

3.      The power adapter: has a Type-B interface. This feature enables suitable for diverse equipment that employ this particular charging specification.

4.      Universal Compatibility: The E103 Excel Fast Charger works with different devices, like smart devices, handheld computers, wireless audio speakers, portable power banks, and additional devices. This supplies a adaptable charging solution for all your electronic gadgets.

5.      Safety Assurance: Comes with various safety features, such as over-current protection, over-voltage safeguard, safeguard against short-circuits, temperature protection as well, your devices are kept safe, during charging. The device's security measures collaborate to ensure safe charging for your devices and gadgets.

6.      Worldwide Use: The charger can handle an extensive input voltage range of AC 100-240 volts. This enables one to utilize the device in various places with the right socket adapter.

7.      Durable Build: The Excel E103 quick charger is designed for durability. This product is crafted with premium materials and a robust build which ensures enduring trustworthiness.



1.      Rapid Charging: The fast charging rate of 3.8A and 21W power performance facilitates quick charging of your devices, minimizing time usage. This preserves your tech devices in a state of readiness.

2.      Versatile Charging Solution: The power adapter's USB Type-B compatibility and broad spectrum of device support render it appropriate for different gadgets, decreasing the necessity for many chargers.

3.      Convenience on the Go: The small and portable charger's design permits you to bring it without difficulty. This guarantees that you can recharge your electronics whenever and wherever.

4.      Enhanced Safety: The integrated safety mechanisms ensure safety from possible risks like current overloads, voltage fluctuations, circuit disruptions, and excessive temperature. They protect both your equipment and yourself.

5.      Global Compatibility: The charger's wide range of input voltages permits use among different countries. This removes the requirement for power converters or extra chargers when on a trip.

6.      Long-lasting Performance: The sturdy construction guarantees that this fast charger withstands regular use and delivers consistent charging over a prolonged period.


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Searching for the ultimate discount for a quick charging device in the country?  We proudly introduce the Excel High-Speed Charger. It is a fast charging solution that will innovate the method you charge your devices.

Unrivaled Charging Speeds: Power Up in No Time

Using the Quick Charger, spending hours to replenish your devices is now a thing of bygone days. Currently, you are able to juice up your devices in a much shorter period. This innovative charger offers super-fast charging speeds. This guarantees your mobile phone, tablet, or any other device that runs on USB gets energized extremely quickly.

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Our Premium Rapid Charger has intuitive and adjustable charging mechanism. This feature automatically determines your device and modifies the charging current accordingly, maintaining optimal efficiency. Bid farewell to inefficient charging durations and welcome to a fast and smooth charging process.

Safe and Reliable: Your Device's Protection Matters

The protection of your protection is our highest concern. The Rapid Excel Charger includes numerous inbuilt safety features that prevent excessive charging, high temperature, and electrical faults. Relax being aware that your electronics are secure during the charging process.

Compact and Portable: Charging On the Go

Created with mobility as a priority, the fast charger we offer is small-sized and lightweight. That is the ideal companion for traveling. Slide it in your bag or pouch, and you will always possess a trustworthy charging alternative within reach. No matter if you're in your house, within the workplace, or while traveling, you can remain connected, and charged.

Universal Compatibility: Charge Any Device

Regardless of any device you possess, our Excel Fast Charger works with it. With smartphones and tablets, Wireless speakers including smartwatches, the charger is compatible with various devices. Juice up multiple devices at the same time without compromising velocity or productivity.

Durable and Long-lasting: Invest in Quality

Made from premium materials, the charger is made to tolerate regular usage. This secures its strength and long life. This is an enduring and durable investment which will deliver trustworthy quick charging for the foreseeable future.

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What is the price of Excel E103 Fast Charger 3.8A Charging Adapter 21W Fast Charging (Type-B)) in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Excel E103 Fast Charger 3.8A Charging Adapter 21W Fast Charging (Type-B)) is ৳450 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the Excel E103 Fast Charger 3.8A Charging Adapter 21W Fast Charging (Type-B)) in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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