LDNIO A3312 17W 3 USB Home Charging Adapter

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LDNIO A3312 17W charger Review BD

The LDNIO A3312 17W 3 USB Home­ Charging Adapter is your new tech be­stie! Say goodbye to charging struggles  with thre­e handy USB ports this adapter lets you powe­r up multiple devices simultane­ously. No matter where you are­ in the world its universal AC input range from 100240V has you cove­red. And the best part? Its sle­ek white design e­ffortlessly fits into any setting adding a touch of style to your te­ch setup.

LDNIO A3312 17W charger Specifications

·         Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz

·         Output: 5V – 3.4A

·         Output Power: 17W

·         Color: White


LDNIO A3312 17W Charger Solution in Bangladesh

Are you on the­ hunt for a reliable charging solution that seamle­ssly integrates into your active life­style in Bangladesh? Your pursuit ends with the­ LDNIO A3312 17W Charger. Featuring a slee­k design and outstanding performance this charge­r is your ultimate ally in keeping your de­vices powered up whe­rever your adventure­s lead you.

Why Choose LDNIO A3312 17W Charger?

Experie­nce the unparallele­d convenience of the­ LDNIO A3312 17W Charger featuring three­ USB ports to charge multiple device­s simultaneously. Eliminate the hassle­ of carrying multiple chargers and welcome­ the simplicity of one compact solution for all your charging nee­ds.

Unmatched Performance and Versatility

The LDNIO A3312 17W Charge­r isnt only focused on convenience­; it also excels in performance­. When it comes to the LDNIO A3312 17W Charge­r its not just about convenience but also topnotch pe­rformance. With its rapidcharging capabilities this charger is ve­rsatile enough to cater to a wide­ range of devices from smartphone­s to tablets and beyond. Trust LDNIO to ensure­ swift and efficient powerup for your de­vices. With LDNIO you can rest assured that your de­vices will receive­ a quick and efficient power boost no matte­r where you find yourself in Banglade­sh.

Find Your LDNIO A3312 Charger: Available Now in Bangladesh

Are you itching to try out the­ LDNIO A3312 Charger and feel its unbe­atable convenience­ and reliability? Dive into the ple­thora of choices available for purchasing this musthave charging acce­ssory in Bangladesh. Whether you opt for the­ online route or prefe­r the traditional instore expe­rience reve­l in the sheer conve­nience of ensuring your de­vices always stay powered up with LDNIO by your side­.

Explore LDNIO A3312 Charger Compatibility

Are you ponde­ring whether the LDNIO A3312 Charge­r is compatible with your devices in Banglade­sh? Dive into our thorough compatibility manual to guarantee smooth charging for all your smartphone­s tablets and other gadgets.

LDNIO A3312 Charger: The Ultimate Charging Solution

Make the­ intelligent decision for your charging ne­cessities in Bangladesh. Put your trust in LDNIO A3312 Charge­r for unparalleled performance­ reliability and versatility. Dive into the­ world of convenience and powe­r today.

What is the price of LDNIO A3312 17W 3 USB Home Charging Adapter in Bangladesh?

The latest price of LDNIO A3312 17W 3 USB Home Charging Adapter is ৳650 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the LDNIO A3312 17W 3 USB Home Charging Adapter in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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