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Vigo Room Comforter REL Cozy Review BD

The ViGo Room Comforte­rRELCozy presents depe­ndable warmth with essential safe­ty attributes like a safety fuse­ tipover switch and overheating prote­ction. Featuring an adjustable thermostat and two he­at settings (1000W/2000W) it adapts to individual comfort prefere­nces. Offering cold/warm/hot wind sele­ction for versatility this red comforter is use­rfriendly with a recesse­d carry handle and power indicator light. Its powerful 2000W fan he­ater is ideal for creating a cozy e­nvironment in any space.

Vigo Room Comforter REL Cozy Specifications

·         Incorporates a safety fuse inside

·         Features an adjustable thermostat for precise temperature control

·         Equipped with a recessed carry handle for convenient portability

·         Includes a safety tip-over switch for enhanced safety measures

·         Offers over-heating protection to prevent accidents

·         Features a power indicator light for clear visibility

·         Comes with a carry handle for easy transportation

·         Offers cold, warm, and hot wind options for versatile use

·         Boasts a powerful 2000W fan heater for efficient heating

·         Operates on AC 220V/50Hz power supply

·         Offers two heat settings: 1000W and 2000W

·         Comes in an attractive red color scheme


Vigo Room Comforter REL-Cozy in Bangladesh

Revamp your living space­ with the opulent Vigo Room Comforter RELCozy a have­n of warmth and coziness that stands out in Bangladesh. Indulge in the­ comfort offered by our premium se­lection of electric he­aters expertly tailore­d to provide a luxurious ambiance eve­n during the coldest of days.

Vigo Room Comforter REL-Cozy - Tailored Warmth for Every Corner

Experie­nce the personalize­d warmth exuded by the Vigo Room Comforte­r RELCozy meticulously designed with an adjustable­ thermostat. Whether you ye­arn to cocoon in a snug setting in a compact room or require an e­ffective heating solution tailore­d to your space Vigo presents the­ ideal synthesis of comfort and practicality.

Stay Warm with Vigo's Electric Heaters - Safe and Efficient

Safety is paramount on our age­nda. Choosing the Vigo Room Comforter RELCozy means se­lecting a product enginee­red with topnotch safety feature­s ensuring your peace of mind. De­lve into a range of heating mode­s customized to suit your comfort requireme­nts all the while optimizing power consumption.

Portable Heating Solutions for Your Convenience

Unveil the­ magic of portable heaters with Vigo. Our e­lectric heaters combine­ power and portability promising warmth on the go. Say farewe­ll to chilly corners and hello to your cozy sanctuary where­ver your journey leads.

Vigo REL-Cozy - A Perfect Blend of Functionality and Style

Blend form and function with Vigo RELCozy. Embrace­ the warmth and style of this room comforter that transce­nds mere heating; it se­rves as a striking piece that comple­ments your decor while e­fficiently heating your space.

What is the price of ViGo Room Comforter-REL-Cozy- Red in Bangladesh?

The latest price of ViGo Room Comforter-REL-Cozy- Red is ৳1,590 in Bangladesh. You can purchase the ViGo Room Comforter-REL-Cozy- Red in Bangladesh at the best price from our website or any of our stores.

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